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About Lucie

Since founding Lucie McCullough Ltd, Lucie has generated a strong following throughout Europe, Asia and the United States for her concentrated approach to the future of living. With broad experience in both home interiors and other design-related services, Lucie’s inimitable style and knowledge has attracted clients across the globe. Her successes have been featured in Architectural Digest and most recently one of her projects as the top 20 sexiest chalets by the British Times.

Her signature design combines elements from a world of luxury with her strong sensibility and taste after working in the style capitals New York, London, Rome and Milan. With stints at the great fashion houses of Valentino, Ralph Lauren, as well as time spent at British Vogue, Lucie went on to study Building Biology, being one in a small group of those in the world to study this art of natural non-toxic design and construction.

Her portfolio to date is as varied as it is unique, ranging from full-blown spatial reconfigurations to designing interiors of townhouses in London and luxury penthouse apartments in Hong Kong. More unusual projects include the complete transformation of Baita 1697 - a 17th century farmhouse, nestled in an old mountain village in the Italian Alps, into a first class luxury ski lodge. Combining her refined eye for aesthetics in interior design, along with a unique focus to ensure a healthy living environment – she turns homes into sanctuaries.