‘Building Biology’ or ‘Bau Biologie’ redefines ‘GREEN’ or ‘ECO’. It cares equally for the health of the occupant and our planet. With several years of building biology under her belt, following a career in fashion that took her to Rome, Paris, Milan, and London, with stints at Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and British Vogue, Lucie McCullough brings non-toxic homes and interiors to clients whose desire is to encompass BEAUTY AND HEALTH into their living experience.

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Interior Design & Construction

Managing a project from start to finish.

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Bespoke Furniture

With knowledge of global markets, artisans & natural materials, we can fit your home with the cleanest and safest accents and furniture.

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To achieve maximum indoor air quality and a healthy living sanctuary for your family, we can consult with your architect & general contractor to build your dream home.