Having personally experienced the hidden danger of modern building techniques and chemically treated materials used in both construction and furnishing, Lucie delved into the world of natural building, studying at the Institute of Building Biology in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a certified Building Biologist.

‘Building Biology’ or ‘Bau Biologie’ redefines ‘GREEN’ or ‘ECO’. It is the natural building of the future, learnt from the past. It cares equally for the health of the occupant and our planet. It borrows age old building techniques from houses that are still standing healthily after several centuries.  


Interior Design & Construction

From concept to completion, we will represent you and be the lead designers and oversee the building process with a touchstone of health and ecology.


Bespoke Furniture

With knowledge of global markets, artisans & natural materials, we can fit your home with the cleanest and safest accents, textiles, and furniture.

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To achieve maximum indoor air quality and a healthy living sanctuary for your family, we can consult with your architect & general contractor to build your dream home.